What is Micropigmentation?


The procedure is also referred to as semi-permanent make-up and dermal pigmentation.

Why Semi-Permanent?


Semi-permanent make-up means no extra make-up in your handbag, no smudging or running, and an immaculate finish come rain or shine.

Who is the permanent makeup for?

Permanent Make up is for 

. Over plucked their brows

. Undergone Chemotherapy

. Suffered from hair loss

. People who need to apply brow pencil due to having sparse brows

. Alopecia  suffers 


Permanent eyebrow procedures do not need sedation. The brow are numbs easily and the procedure doesn't take long. Permanent eyeliner procedures benefit most from relaxation because some people cannot control the squeeze & flinch protective reflexes for the eye and might cause an error or injury. Permanent eyeliner takes longer, so we need to replay the anaesthetic as much as your sensitivity .




EYEBROW hair simulation is a technique that resembles individual eyebrow hairs. The fill-in technique produces the solid shaded look you have when using an eyebrow pencil. A brushed on technique looks something in between the two. The graceful up curve of the outer eyebrow is seen on many of the beautiful models in glamour magazines. Even famous renaissance artists painted faces with the outer brow arch. A graceful, clean arch makes the eyes look bigger, and the face more open and receptive.


There are many advantages to having semi permanent eyebrows. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your eyebrows will always look good and you can save so much time when compared to applying make-up each day. The colour will never smudge or run and you get to choose the colour you like and the exact shape of the cosmetic tattoo.


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If the eyes are the windows to the soul, they should be properly framed. Eye and brow decoration has a long-standing popularity. The Egyptians have the strongest history for eye makeup and eyebrow styles. Eyebrow styles have had some variations over the years, but keeps returning to a more natural look. Trendy eyebrow styles come and go, then look dated, but a natural-looking brow with medium thickness and medium arch will always look pleasing. Keeping the eyebrow up in correct position with a slight playful arch maintains a youthful appearance. Small modifications are made to balance facial features and shape of face.

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